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IST/TU Lisbon (DEEC), Professor
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Leonel Seabra de Sousa

PhD thesis supervised (19); first job
  • 2021 Darío Baptista, “Raising the abstraction level of a Deep Learning design on Field Programmable Gate Arrays”, IST/ULisboa; Pos-Doc UMadeira.
  • 2020 João Gante, “The Interplay Between Positioning and Beamforming in Millimeter Wave Communications”; IST/ULisboa, nPlan startup, UK.
  • 2019 Paulo Martins, “Arithmetic and Algorithms for Emerging Cryptography”, IST/ULisboa; Samsung Research, London, UK.
  • 2018 Diego Souza, GHEVC: An Efficient HEVC Decoder for Graphics Processing Units, IST/ULisboa; Spin Digital, Berlin, Germany.
  • 2016 Lídia Kuan, ”Exploiting Parallel Heterogeneous Systems for Scientific Computations”, IST/ULisboa; RiskCo, Portugal.
  • 2015 Tiago Dias, ”High Performance and Scalable Unified Architectures for Transform and Quantization inH.264/AVC Codecs”, IST/ULisboa; Assistant Professor Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal.
  • 2015 Pedro Matutino, ”Residue Number Systems: Efficient Architectures and Circuits”, IST/ULisboa; Assistant Professor Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal.
  • 2014 Aleksandar Ilic, ”Heterogeneous Systems: Load Balancing and Performance Modeling”, IST/ULisboa; Assistant Professor IST, Portugal.
  • 2013 Samuel Antão, ”High-performance and Embedded Systems for Cryptography”, IST/ULisboa; Post-Doc IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, NY, USA.
  • 2013 João Martins, ”Computational Models, Neuronal Metrics and System Identification in Bioelectronic Vision”, IST/ULisboa; Assistant Instituto Politécnico de Beja, Portugal.
  • 2012 Frederico Pratas, ”Stream-based Computing and Fine-grained Parallelism: from Algorithms to Re-configurable Hardware”, IST/ULisboa; Intel Labs Barcelona (ILBA), Spain.
  • 2011José Germano, ”A Hand-held Microsystem for Biological Analysis: Electronics, Signal Acquisition and Processing for Information Extraction”, IST/Ulisboa; Magnomics startup, Portugal.
  • 2011 José Sarmento, ”Optimized Digital Clock and Data Recovery Architectures”, IST/Ulisboa; Synopsis Portugal.
  • 2011 Svetislav Momcilovic, ”Parallel Video Coding on Multicore Platforms”, IST/Ulisboa; Irdeto, Amsterdam Area, Netherlands.
  • 2010 Gabriel Fernandes, ”Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for LDPC Decoding”, UCoimbra; Assistant Professor Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.
  • 2009 Pedro Tomás, ”Neural Code: Tunning and Assessment of Retina Models”, IST/ULisboa; Assistant Professor IST, Portugal.
  • 2008 Nuno Roma, ”Transform domain video transcoding systems for static and dynamic video composition”, IST/ULisboa; Assistant Professor IST, Portugal.
  • 2007 Ricardo Chaves, ”Secure Computing on Reconfigurable Systems”, TU Delft; Assistant Professor IST, Portugal.
  • 2003 Oliver Sinnen, ”Accurate Task Scheduling for Parallel Systems”, IST/ULisboa; University of Auckland, New Zealand.